About DMM

A Web3 Platform for Discounted Outlet Stores

This is a Cardano-based platform for cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency users to purchase tangible items and services at affordable prices.
Currently, we are partnering with online outlet stores and Cardano stake pool:
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    The KOET, an online consumer electronics outlet store (http://dienmaykorea.com), allows you to purchase Samsung products such as TVs, home theaters, smartphones, and appliances at affordable prices and earn C2E tokens as rewards.
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    The Visa Re: A fast, convenient, secure, and affordable visa service (http://www.visare.com.vn ). You can apply for visas to any country (Schengen Area, USA, Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Canada...) from Vietnam through Visa Re at low prices and earn C2E tokens as rewards.
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    VILAI, a Cardano stake pool operator, offers discounted vouchers with a value ranging from 100,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND (approximately 5 to 50 USD). To obtain these vouchers, simply create a new Cardano wallet and stake ADA to VILAI. These vouchers can be redeemed within DMM ecosystem, including KOET and Visa Re.

How It Works

Step 1

Set up a fresh Cardano wallet.

If you are not already a user on the Cardano blockchain network, please create a wallet. If you already have one, you can move to the next step.

Step 2

Participate in ADA staking with the VILAI pool.

Click on the notification bell located at the bottom right corner, and then proceed to click the 'Stake to VILAI pool' button.

Step 3

Get a voucher

After each period of time, 1 epoch receives 100,000 VND vouchers, 2 epochs receive 200,000 VND vouchers, and epochs greater than or equal to 3 receive 300,000 VND vouchers

Step 4

Purchase products or services at our partner's outlets

The received voucher can be redeemed at our partner's outlets, where you have the opportunity to purchase selected products or services at exceptionally low prices.

Step 5

Earn C2E tokens for future benefits

After successfully purchasing the product or service, you will receive C2E tokens as a reward. The number of C2E tokens and the future benefits of using them will be announced in Q3 2024

Token Allocation

Breakdown of Our Token Recipients.

The coin used in DMM is the C2E token. The total supply is 1,200,000,000 C2E tokens distributed as follows:
  • 3% - 36,000,000 C2E tokens for Seed Sale
  • 8% - 96,000,000 C2E tokens for Community Sale
  • 4.5% - 54,000,000 C2E tokens for Private Sale
  • 1.5% - 18,000,000 C2E tokens for IDO
  • 30% - 360,000,000 C2E tokens for Buyer Rewards
  • 22% - 264,000,000 C2E tokens for Ecosystem
  • 9% - 108,000,000 C2E tokens for Marketing & Development
  • 5% - 60,000,000 C2E tokens for Liquidity & Listing
  • 12% - 144,000,000 C2E tokens for Core Team
  • 4% - 48,000,000 C2E tokens for Advisors
  • 1% - 12,000,000 C2E tokens for Airdrop


Executive Team


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Investors & Partners

Funded by Catalyst Project, Cardano blockchain

  • Project Catalyst
  • Cardano
  • koet
  • Project Catalyst
  • Vilai Cardano
  • Samsung
  • Cổng đấu giá Lạc Việt